Elton John – Empty Sky chords

Intro:  |  E  |  E  D/E  |  E  |  E  D/E  |

D A EI'm not a rat to be spat on locked up in this room.
D A EThose bars that look towards the sun at night look towards the moon.
G A EEveryday the swallows play in the clouds of love.
G F#m BMake me wish that I had wings take me high above.
Am7 G D AAnd I looked high - and saw the empty sky.
Am7 G D AIf I could only, I could only fly.
G D/F# A/E AI'd drift with them in endless space.
G D/F# EBut no man flies from this place.
D A EAt night I lay upon my bench and stare towards the stars.
D A EThe cold night air comes creeping in and home seems oh so far.
G A EIf only I could swing upon those twinkling dots above.
G F#m BI'd look down from the heavens upon the ones I love.
{Repeat Chorus}
D A EHey - the lucky locket hangs around your precious neck.
D A ESome luck I ever got with you and I - wouldn't like to bet -
G A Ethat sooner or later you'll own just one half of this land.
G F#m BBy shining your eyes on the wealth of every man.
D D/A A E D A E Just send up my love. Ain't seen nothing but tears.
D A E D A E Now I've got myself - in this room for years.
D A E D A E Don't see no one one, Never see anyone
D A E D A E Yeah we're high, yeah
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