Elton John – Honky Cat chords

D  G

D7When I look back, boy I must have been green
GBoppin in the country, fishing in a stream
D7Looking for an answer, trying to find a sign
GUntil I saw your city lights, honey I was blind-they said
B7Get back honky cat, better get back to the woods
E7Well I quit those days, and my redneck ways-and-a
D7 GMmm mmm mmm mmm oh the change is gonna do me good
Get back honky cat, living in the city ain't where its at, It's like, trying to find gold in a silver mine, its like Trying to drink whisky, from a bottle of wine Well I read some books and some magazines about those High class ladies down in new Orleans and all the Folks back home, well, they said I was a fool, they said Leave them alone, is the golden rule They said stay at home, boy you got to tend the farm, Living in the city boy is, gonna break your heart But, how can you stop when your heart says no, ah-ah How can you stop when your feet say go
D7Get back, honky cat, get back honky cat, get back
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