Elton John – Love Lies Bleeding chords

This is a two part song really, but since I'm after the singing bit I'm
only going to do part two, Love Lies Bleeding.

The fade out from Funeral For A Friend is just two chords repeated...

A / Bbmaj7 /

The introduction to Love Lies Bleeding goes like this...

A //  C //  G //  F / G /

The F and the second G only get half a bar each.

AThe roses in the window box
EHave tilted to one side
AEverything about this house
BmWas born to grow and die
A Bm DOh it doesn't seem a year ago to this very day
AYou said I'm sorry honey
EIf I don't change the pace
D E F#mI can't face another day
Bm EAnd love lies bleeding in my hand
F#m Bm EOh it kills me to think of you with another man
F#m BmI was playing rock and roll and you were just a fan
C#mBut my guitar couldn't hold you
D DmSo I split the baaaa-a-ha-a-nd
F#m E A C G... (Introduction here)Love lies bleeding in my hands
AI wonder if those changes
EHave left a scar on you
C#m DLike all the burning hoops of fire
Bm B7That you and I passed through
AYou're a bluebird on a telegraph line
Bm DI hope you're happy now
A EWell if the wind of change comes down your way girl
D E F#mYou'll make it back somehow
Chorus (About now Elton does his thing with the piano, and there's a guitar solo but the chords are the same as for the intro) Chorus There's more singing over the chorus, and then a guitar solo fade with the chord pattern from the intro.
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