Elton John – Salvation chords

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E  B  A  E

EI have to say my friends
Emaj9 Athis road goes a long long way
G#mand if we're gonna find the end
Awe're gonna need some helping hands
EI have to say me friends
Emaj9 Awe're looking for a light a head
G#min the distance a candle burns
A B7(sus4) B7salvation keeps the hungry children fed
E A Eits gonna take a lot of salvation
G# A Asus4what we need are willing hands
Eyou must feel the sweat in your eyes
D A Eyou must understand salvation
BA chance to pull the devil down
C#mwithout the fear of hell
Asalvation spreads the gospel round
F#m B7 E A Eand free you from your self
G# G#sus4 A E D A E
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