Elton John - Eltons Song chords

Bm A/B Staring all alone
C/A GAt your grace and style
Bm A/BCut me to the bone
C/A GWith your razor blade smile
D Em CI watched you playing pool
G G/F C/E D GIt's all around the scho--ol that I love you
Bm A/BI love your gypsy hair
C/A GAnd dark brown eyes
Bm A/BAlways unprepared
C/A GFor your pointed replies
D Em C Cynical and lean
G G/F C/E D GI lie awake and dre--am about you
G/F C FIf you only knew
G/F C FWhat I'm going through
Bb Eb Ab DbTime and again I get ashamed
G CTo say your name
G/F C FIt's hard to grin and bear
G/F C FWhen you're standing there
Bb EbMy lips are dry
Ab Db G CI catch your eye and look away
Bm ASitting in my room
C GI've got it bad
Bm ACrying for the moon
C GThey think I'm mad
D Em CThey say it isn't real
G G/F C/E D GBut I know what I fe-----el and I love you
D Em CBut I would give my life
G G/F C/E D GFor a single nig----ht beside you
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