Elton John – Michelles Song chords

Left handed
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F Bb/D F Bb/D F Bb/D F Bb/D

F Bb/D FCast a pebble on the water
F/Eb Bb/DWatch the ripples gently spreading
F Am7Tiny daughter of the Camargue
Gm7 Bbadd9We were meant to be together
F Bb/D F We were made for one another
F7 BbIn a time it takes to grow up
Bb/D Gm7 (4 more beats)If only we were old enough
Am7 Bbadd9 F Bb/D F Then they might leave us both alone
Bb C F Bb/D F Bb/D*FSo take my hand in your hand
Bb C F Bb/D F Say it's great to be alive
Bb CNo one's going to find us
F C/E Dm7No matter how they try
Ebadd9 Bb/DNo one's going to find us
Gm7 F/A Bb (Intro)It's wonderful so wild beneath the sky
Sleeping in the open See the shadows softly moving Take a train towards the south lands Our time was never better We shall pass the sights of splendor On the door of a new life It had to happen soon I guess Whether it is wrong or it is right Chorus: We learned to be so graceful Watching wild horses running And from those agile angels We knew the tide was turning For we watched as on the skyway The herons circled slowly While we mere mortals watched them fly Our sleepless eyes grew heavy Chorus 2x
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