Elton John – We Are One chords

C AmAs you go through life you'll see
FThere is so much that we
C GDon't understand
C AmAnd the only thing we know
FIs things don't always go
C G(1)The way we planned
G(1) C DmBut you'll see every day
Bb CThat we'll never turn away
Am F GWhen it seems all your dreams come undone
G C DmWe will stand by your side
Bb C AmFilled with hope and filled with pride
F GWe are more than we are
CWe are one
Vocals {C(4) F G} x2
C AmIf there's so much I must be
FCan I still just be me
C GThe way I am?
C AmCan I trust in my own heart
FOr am I just one part
C G(1)Of some big plan?
G(1) C DmEven those who are gone
Bb CAre with us as we go on
Am F GYour journey has only begun
C DmTears of pain, tears of joy
Bb C AmOne thing nothing can destroy
F GIs our pride, deep inside
CWe are one
Vocals {C(4) F G} x2
C DmWe are one, you and I
Bb CWe are like the earth and sky
Am F GOne family under the sun
C DmAll the wisdom to lead
Bb C AmAll the courage that you need
F G(4)You will find when you see
CWe are one
Vocals {C(4) F G} etc...
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