Elton John – We All Fall In Love Sometimes chords

I transposed this song +2 and made some adjustments to play a bit more easily on guitar. Enjoy!

Verse 1:
Am Bm (000201)Wise men say, it looks like rain today
Esus (022200) E7it crackled on the speakers
Am Am7 Fand trickled down the sleepy subway trains.
Dm EFor heavy eyes could hardly hold us,
Am Am/B Faching legs that often told us it's all worth it.
Esus E7 Am Bm Esus EWe all fall in love sometimes.
Verse 2:
Am BmThe full moon's bright and starlight filled the evening.
Esus E7We wrote it and I played it,
Am Am7 F something happened it's so strange this feeling
Dm Enaive notions that were childish,
Am Am/B Fsimple tunes that tried to hide it, but when it comes.
Esus E7 Am Bm Esus EWe all fall in love sometimes.
A Bm (020202) A Did we, didn't we, should we, couldn't we
D F#(barré) Bm (barré)I'm not sure 'cause sometimes we're so blind.
EStruggling through the day
D A When even your best friend says
A D B7 Esus E Am Bm Esus EDon't you find, we all fall in love sometimes.
Oh, yeah.. And only passing time Could kill the boredom we acquired Running with the losers for a while And our empty sky was filled with laughter Just before the flood Painting worried faces with a smile Repeat verse 1 oh oh oh... We all fall in love sometimes...
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