Elvenking - Skywards chords

Elvenking - Skywards
Tab by: Mad

4x Am C G C G
4x Am-Em-Am-Am  Am-Em-G-G
Amx2 C D Dmx2 Your bright enchanting smile Reminds me of the day when I learnt
C G C G Dm C Fx2That nothing lasts forever And your goodwill's just another hoax of your kind
Amx2 C D Dmx2 Time and time again That feeling had got lost and ever since
C G C G Dm C Fx4I've tried to understand the meaning of My inner self conviction I lied (to myself)
2x Am C G C G
Asus4 D D AmAs we all know, time consumes our daily gladness
G AmThat cannot last 'till the day after
G From this I will hide myself
2x Am C Am G-C Am G F F
Am C Am G C Skywards again, I search for my dimension
G G C G People don't know how I am alive
Am C Am G C Experience has taught to count every single move
C G F FNow I know I'm standing alone
Am C Am G C Stone after stone I'm moulding my shelter
G G C G I watch it grow with endless delight
Am C Am G C Carry me, carry me all your devotion
C G F FDeep in my heart to see my haven fall once again
Amx3 Amx3 Gx2 Amx4 Fx2 Gx2 Em G C D Em G (Em) Em Am G C A Am G
Amx2 C D Dmx2 The lovely beeches told me to think for myself to bury down
C G C G Dm C Fx4the lies of other minds...and I know I cannot be last but first
Am C G C G [Bridge & Chorus] ... Torturize in the night I am falling down - into the dark Deep within it's a dream I cannot control - It's killing me My human conscience is dragging me down - into the dark The temptress whispers..."again"... - It's killing me Skywards
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