Elvis Costello – Ill Wear It Proudly tab

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I'll Wear It Proudly
Elvis Costello
Transcribed by phillip@phoenix.princeton.edu

I hate these flaming curtains
They're not the color of your hair
I hate these striplights
They're not so undoing as your stare
I hate the buttons on your shirt
When all I want to do is tear
I hate this bloody big bed of mine
When you're not here

       D                 D/C#           Bm     G
Well I finally found someone to turn me upside down
    D               F#m                  A
And nail my feet up where my head should be
        D             D/C#               Bm        G
If they had a King of Fools then I could wear that crown
And you can all die laughing
    F#m          D
Cos I'll wear it proudly

Organ (2 times)-|--5--3--2-----------5--3----2--------------------------------------|-|-----------5--3----------------------------------------------------|-|-------------------------------4-----------------------------------|-|-------------------------------------------------------------------|-|-------------------------------------------------------------------|-|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Well you semm to be shivering dear And the room is awfully warm In the white and scarlet billows That subside beyond the storm You have this expression dear No words could take its place And I wear it like a badge That you put all over my face Chorus A I'll wear it proudly G D Through the dives and the dancehalls A If you'll wear it proudly G D Through the snakepits and catcalls A G Like a fifteen year old kid D Bm Wears a vampire kiss G If you don't know what is wrong with me A Then you don't know what you've missed We are arms and legs Wrapped round more than my memory tonight When the bell rang out And the air turned blue from fright But in shameless moments You made more of me than just a mess And a handful of eagerness Says "What do you suggest?" Chorus
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