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Miracle Man  by Elvis Costello

E    C#m     E    C#m

E                  C#m           E
You never asked me what I wanted. You only asked me why.
C#m E                    C#m                  E          B    E
   I never thought that so much trouble was a restin' on my reply,
        A                            E
I could say it was the nights when I was lonely
    A                          C#m
and you were the only one who'd come.
        A                         E
I could tell you that I like your sensitivity,
     F#                              B
when you know it's the way that you walk.
A                                     E
Why do you have to say that there's always someone
        A                        E
who can do it better than I can?
    A                                E
But don't you think that I know that walking on the water
      B n.c.                 B B B B B
won't make me a miracle man?
E                     C#m
Baby's gotta have the things she wants.
               E                                C#m
You know she's gotta have the things she loves.
           E                C#m
She's got a ten-inch bamboo cigarette holder
        E            B       E
and her black patent leather gloves.
        A                           E
And I'm doing everything just tryin' to please her,
     A                     C#m
even crawling around on all fours.
      A                          E
Oh, I thought by now that it was gonna be easy,
        F#                      B
but she still seems to want for more.

E                         C#m                   E
Yeah they're givin' you a bad reputation just because you've never
       C#m            E                   C#m                   E

denied.     You try to say you've done it all before. Baby, you know
that you
B        E          A                     E
just get tired. Yet everybody loves you so much, girl.
       A                           C#m              A
I just don't know how you stand the strain. Oh, but I'm the one who's
                     F#                 B
tonight, and I don't wanna do it all in vain.



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