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Here are a few more chord charts (not really TAB after all)
for some Elvis Costello songs.

Please let me know if there are any errors, corrections, and so on.



Lyrics from:

Chords from the songbook, mostly

The Long Honeymoon
By Elvis Costello
>From the album: Imperial Bedroom

G+   = XX3221 (i have no idea what this chord is really called)
Gm   = XX0333
Edim = XX2323
Eb   = XX1343
Db   = XX3121
Dbm  = XX2120

Cm  Bb  Cm  Bb

Bb         Cm
All the bedroom lights go out
As the neighbourhood gets quiet
Fm                                       Cm
Everything in heaven and earth is almost right
              Cm                            Bb
But there's a wife whos wondering where her husband could be tonight
             Fm                              Cm
And when the phone rang only once she took a dreadful fright
       Cm                                Bb
Little things just seem to undermine her confidence in him
Fm                         Cm
He was late this time last week
Cm                           Bb
Who can she turn to when the chance of coincidence is slim
           Fm                        G+      G9  G
'Cause the baby isn't old enought to speak

G              Edim Eb
There's been a long honeymoon
Bb                  Edim Eb        Gm
She thought too late and spoke too soon
           Ab                             Gm
There's no money back guarantee on future happiness
               Edim Eb
There's been a long honeymoon
Db                    Dbm                B
If he's out on a date then her life's in ruins
    Bm                F#         Bm   A     G#m       Gm
She never thought her love could ever be as strong as this

Bb      Cm
All the movies and the papers
Feature the murders of lonely women
      Fm                             Cm
If he isn't in by ten she'll call up her best friend
Why doesn't he come home
Why does her friends phone keep on ringing
Fm                        G+ (?)
 . . . . Maybe she should just pretend



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