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Watch Your Step
Words & Music by: Elvis Costello
>From the album: TRUST

C F Em     C F G  (repeat)

   C           F   Em  C         F   Cm
1.)Don't say a word,   don't say anything
2.)Ev'ry day is full   of fun,   and
3.)Ev'ry night go out     full   of

   C           F     Em  C        F     G
1.)Don't say a word, I'm not even listening
2.)  family spies,       they're making heroes
3.)carnival desires       end up in the

   C             Dm          Em
1.)I read in the papers about their escape
2.)out of fall guys     they say it's good
3.)closing time choirs       when you're

   F            C                      Em          F  C      F Em C
1.)They're just two bit of kids from a bunch of so-ur grapes
2.)for business                 from   Singapore to Widnes
   F                        C Dm         Em                F
3.)kicking in the car chrome  And you're drinking down the Eau de
           C Dm       Em               F          C F Em C
3.{cont.})And you're spitting out the Kodachrome

       C          F         G     C   F Em C F G
1,2,3.)You better watch your step

C           Bm          Am          F
Watch who's knocking on your front door
        C                 Bm
Now you know that they're watching
             Am      F
What are you waiting for?
             C          Bm
Think you're young and original
Am        F        C F Em
Get out before...
C           F          G    C F Em C F G
They get to watch your step

C      Bm            Am     F
Broken noses hung up on the wall
C             Bm                 Am           F
Back slapping drinkers cheer the heavy weight brawl
C        Bm               Am   F            C F Em
So punch drunk they don't understand at all
C          F          G
You better watch your step


Am  F Em C G F Em Dm  G C Bb F

C   Bm
  Am           F
I send you all my regards
C         Bm
You're so tough
Am        F
You're so hard
C             Bm          Am         F         G    C
Listen to the hammers falling in the breaker's yard
C          F          G    C
You better watch your step
You better watch your step
Ooh, watch your step


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