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Here are a few more chord charts (not really TAB after all)
for some Elvis Costello songs.

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Lyrics from:

Chords from the songbook, mostly

You Little Fool
By Elvis Costello
>From the album: Imperial Bedroom

Am7   = X02010


G  C  G

G            C                    D
Daddy's best girl in the world is not supposed to have a boyfriend
C               Bm              Am7
But she's never wanted at home
C           G           Am7
Other girls are allowed to wear their makeup
           C                Bm               D
She sneaks out her lipstick powder and comb
D                           G                  C
She surrounds his name with hearts and flowers
G                          C     G   C6
Talks on the telephone for hours and hours

But with the bird in his hand
G   D        G
And two on a string
    C                     D
The words of love have an imitation ring


D   C
You little fool
G         D           C           G
I suppose that your going to stay all night
D   C
You little fool
G                D        C           G
Don't look at me that way you know it isn't right
D   Bsus4        G                D   C
You little fool, you little fool, you little fool


E        A       A7      D
They say no news is good news
    E      A          A7     D
The little girl wants information
D           C         G    E        A
Mother just gives her some pills to choose
    F           Bb       C
And says go and use your imagination

G            C                 D
Daddy's best girl in the world says just look what I have got
       C               Bm                Am7
As she sits beside him on the high stools
C             G                Am7
With his arms around her neck, snowball in one hand
        C             Bm7       D
And the other full of imitation jewels
She fingers a string of pearls
G                C     G     C6
An imitation but he'll never know it
          G      D        G
Imitation lashes flutter above
C                 D         Em
Looking for an imitation of love



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