Elvis Costello – Still chords

 C D/C Bb/C G/C x2

C D/C Bb/C G/CThese few lines I'll devote
C D/C Bb/C Bb GTo a marvelous girl covered up in my coat
C D/C Bb/C G/CPull it up to your chin
C F/C C I'll hold you until the day will begin
F Fsus4Still
Gm C Am DmLying in the shadows this new flame will cast
Gm Eb C F Fsus4Upon everything we've carried from the past
Gm C Am DmYou were made of every love and each regret
Am DmUp until the day we met
E A D EThere are no words that I'm afraid to hear
Am Dm Gm Eb CUnless they are “Goodbye, my dear”
F Fsus4Still
Gm CI was moving very fast
Am DmBut in one place
Gm Eb C F Fsus4Now you speak my name and set my pulse to race
Gm C Am DmSometimes words may tumble out but can't eclipse
Am Dm E A The feeling when you press your fingers to my lips
D EI want to kiss you in a rush
Am DmAnd whisper things to make you blush
Gm EbYou say “Darling hush
F Fsus4 F Fsus4“Still, still”
Cello arranged for guitar: C D/C Bb/C G/Ce||--------------------------||B||--------------------------||G||--------------------------||D||-5---4----3p2-0----0h2----||A||-----------------3--------||E||-----------------------3--||
C F/C C F/C Ce||-----------------------------------------||B||-----------------------------------------||G||-----------------------------------------||D||-2p0--------0-----2p0--------0-----------||A||-----3--2h3-----------3--2h3--------3/7--||E||--------------1----------------1---------||
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