Elvis Costello – Gloomy Sunday chords

[Verse 1]
Am Am(maj7) Am7 D#dim7 Sunday is gloomy, my hours are slumberless
Dm Dm/C Bdim7 E Dearest, the shadows I live with are numberless
Dm Dm/C Bdim7 E Little white flowers will never awaken you
Am7 Am6 Bdim7 E Not when the black coach of sorrow has taken you
Am Am(maj7) Am7 D#dim7 Angels have no thought of ever returning you
Dm Dm/C Dm/C Bdim7 E Bdim7 Would they be angry if I thought of joining you?
Am Gloomy Sunday
[Verse 2]
Am Am(maj7) Am7 D#dim7 Gloomy is Sunday, with shadows I spend it all
Dm Dm/C Bdim7 E My heart and I have decided to end it all
Dm Dm/C Bdim7 Bdim7 E Soon there'll be flowers and prayers that are sad, I know
Am7 Am6 Bdim7 E Let them not weep, let them know that I'm glad to go
Am Am(maj7) Am7 D#dim7 Death is no dream, for in death I am caressing you
Dm Dm/C Dm/C Bdim7 E Bdim7 With the last breath of my heart I'll be blessing you
E Am Gloomy Sunday
[Verse 3]
Amaj7 E Dreaming,
Amaj7 E F#7 Amaj7 E I was only dreaming
Amaj7 F#7sus2 E/G# Amaj7 Bdim7 Ddim/G# I wake and I find you asleep in the deep of my heart, deep
Am Am(maj7) Darling, I hope
Am7 D#dim7 that my dream never haunted you
Dm Dm/C Bdim7 E Bdim7 My heart is telling you how much I wanted you
Am7 Gloomy Sunday
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