Elvis Perkins - Doomsday chords

This is my first tab, so be kind.  And please inform me if you have any corrections.  Cheers!


Intro: C-Cmaj7-C-Cmaj7...then
CThough I forget your name
F CI remember your sweet face
G7 C FCTill Doomsday fell out again
CMan i went wild last night
F COh I went feeling alright
I don't let doomsday bother me
G7 C FCdo you let it bother you?
CI know you told me once and again
F CDoes it mean that we wont be friends?
G7 C FCWhen doomsday rears her ugly head again
CAnd though you voted that awful man
F CI would never refuse your hand
G7 Con doomsday, on doomsday
C-F-C-G7-C (No guitar played in studio recording until "but flight...")
C F CNot in all my wildest dreams it never once was seen
G7 Cthat doomsday would fall anywhere near Tuesday
C F Cbut flight across the skies see it fade before my eyes
there isn't any sense to [not sure the words here]
F COh i don't plan to die
G7 Cnor should you plan to die
C-F-C-G7-C X2 End on F-C ************************* -Matt L
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