Elvis Presley – I Need Your Love Tonight tab

Left handed
I Need Your Love Tonight:
Elvis Presley. 


G         D                           G
Oh, oh, I love you so, uh-uh, I can't let you go,

              C             D              G                               
oh, oh, don't tell me no, I need your love tonight.

G            D                          G
Oh, gee, the way you kiss, sweetie, too good to miss,

    G7          C               D                 G         
woo-wee, I want more of this, I need your love tonight.


C                 G
I've been waiting just for tonight,

   D                  G
to do some lovin' and hold you tight.

      C                G
Don't tell me baby you gotta go,

          A                  D 
I got the hi-fi high and the lights down low.


D    G         D                       G
Hey, now, hear what I say, oh wow, you better stay,

                C           D              G
now, now, don't run away, I need your love tonight.

REPEAT:  #'s 2&3.

            C    G
I need your love tonight.(x3)


 A fabulous fifties hit from Kraziekhat.
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