And I Love You So tab with lyrics by Elvis Presley - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Elvis Presley – And I Love You So tab

And I Love You So

Ab             Bbm7 Eb                Ab
And i Love you so,  the people ask me how.
Fm                  Bm7  Db                  Eb
How i've lived till now, I tell them I don't know.
Ab                 Bbm7 Eb                  Ab
I guess they understand,how lonely life has been,
Fm              Bbm7 Db          Eb      Ab
but life began again,the day you took my hand.

Ab        Fm       Bb
And yes I know how lonely life can be.
Eb                    Ab
Shadows follow me,the night won't sent me free,
Ab          Fm      Bb
but I don't let the evening get me down,
Eb                Ab
now you're around me.

Ab              Bbm7 Eb                         Ab
And you love me too. Your thoughts are just for me.
Fm                Bbm7  Db                 Eb
You set my spirit free, I'm happy that you do.
Ab                  Bbm7  Eb               Ab
The look at life is brief,once the page is read.
Fm              Bbm7 Db      Eb   Ab
All but love is dead,this is my belive.
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