Elvis Presley - I Got Stung chords

I Got Stung:Elvis Presley.B-Side of 'One Night,' which was #1 in 1958.I Got Stung was re-released in UK in 2005and jumped to #1.
(Capo 1st fret for original. See it on YouTube.) INTRO:
DHoly Smokes! A-land sakes alive!
I never thought this could happen to me.
DMm, Mmm, yeah! mm, oh, yeah!
DI got stung by a sweet honey bee, oh, what a feeling
come over me.
GIt started in my eyes, crept up to my head,
DFlew to my heart, till I was stung dead.
A G DI'm done, uh-huh..I got stung!
DMm, yeah! mm, yeah!
DShe had all that I wanted and more, and I've seen
honey bees before.
GStarted buzzin' in my ear, buzzin in my brain,
DGot stung all over but I feel no pain.
A G DWell, I'm done, uh-huh..I got stung!
G D ANow, don't think I'm complainin'..I'm mighty
Dpleased we met.
GCause you gimme just one little peck on the
Dback of my neck,
E A7And I break out in a cold, cold sweat.
DIf I live to a hundred and two, I won't let
nobody sting me but you.
GI'll be buzzin' round your hive, every day at five,
Dand I'm never gonna leave, once I arrive.
A G DCause Im done..Uh-huh, I got stung!
DI got stung! (x3)
A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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