Elvis Presley - Anything Thats Part Of You chords

Anything That's Part Of You:Elvis Presley.
#31 in 1962.


D Dmaj7 D7I memorize the note you sent..
D7 Ggo all the places that we went.
G D AI seem to search the whole day through..
A A7 D G Dfor anything that's part of you.
D Dmaj7 D7I kept a ribbon from your hair..
D7 Ga breath of perfume lingers there.
G D AIt helps to cheer me when Im blue..
A D G Danything that's part of you.
D GOh, how it hurts to miss you so..
A7 D Gwhen I know you don't love me, anymore.
D A A7To go on needing you..knowing you don't need me.
A7 D Dmaj7 D7No reason left for me to live..
D7 G what can I take, what can I give?
G D AWhen Id give all of someone new..
A A7 D G Dfor anything, that's part of you.
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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