Elvis Presley - Silent Night chords version 1

SILENT NIGHT: ELVIS PRESLEY (J. Mohr/F. Grubner) (3/4 - 68)

|./.    |: Repeat the previous Chord and Measure of 3-counts.

INTRO: |Bb   |F   |Bb   |./.   |


Bb |./. |./. |./. |Si - lent night, ho - ly night.
F7 |./. |Bb |./. |All is calm, all is bright.
Eb |./. |Bb |./. |Rou-nd young vir- gin mo-ther and child.
Eb |./. |Bb |./. |Ho - ly in- fant so ten-der and mild.
Cm |F7 |Bb |Gm7 |Sleep in hea - venly pea - ce,
Bb |F7 |Bb |./. |Slee-p in hea- ven-ly peace.
Bb |./. |./. |./. |Si - lent night, ho - ly night.
F7 |./. |Bb |./. |She- pherds quake, at the site.
Eb |./. |Bb |./. |Glo-ria strea-ms from hea-ven a- far.
Eb |./. |Bb |./. |Hea- venly ho - st sing hal-le-lu-jah.
Cm |F7 |Bb |Gm7 |Christ the sa-viour is bo - rn,
Bb |F7 |Bb |Chri-st the sa-viour is born.
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