Elvis Presley - Cant Help Falling In Love With You tab version 2

Hi everyone i'm Sir Casper 6 i hope this tab sounds good i learned it from my guitar 
who is very cool and good on the guitar.This is my first tab ever and i'm sure it's 100% correct.

Verse 1 --3-----0-1-0---------------0-1-0----------------------------------| 1---1--3-------3-----0-1-3--------3-1------------------------------| -----------------0-2-----------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1 repeat twice
-0-3-7-5----0-3-7-5------0-3-7-5-3-3-0-1-0-| 0---------0-------------0------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------|
Repeat verse 1 again then the bridge then verse 1 again then after you repeat 1 again repeat the but i cant help falling in love with you 1 more time
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