Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender chords ver. 2

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Love Me Tender chords
Elvis Presley

DLove me tender,
E7love me sweet,
A7 Dnever let me go.
D E7You have made my life complete,
A7 Dand I love you so.
D F#7Love me tender,
Bm D7love me true,
G Gm Dall my dreams fulfilled.
B7 E7For my darlin' I love you,
A7 Dand I always will.
DLove me tender,
E7love me long,
A7 Dtake me to your heart.
D E7For it's there that I belong,
A7 Dand we'll never part.
DLove me tender,
D7love me dear,
A7 Dtell me you are mine.
D E7I'll be yours through all the years,
A7 Dtill the end of time.
DLove me tender,
D7love me dear,
A7 DDarling this I know
D E7Happiness will follow you
A7 DEverywhere you go.
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