Elvis Presley – Love Me chords ver. 2

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Tabbed By Daniel U. 

F F7 BbTreat me like a fool, treat me mean and cruel, but love me.
C C7 F Bb FBreak my faithful heart, tear it all apart, but love me.
F F7 BbWhere The Hell have you ever go, darling, I'll be, oh, so lonely.
C C7 F Bb FI'll be sad and blue crying over you, dear, only.
Bb FI would beg and steal (Beg And Steaaal) just to feel
G Cyour heart beating close to mine.
F F7 BbWell, if you ever go,Darling, I'll be oh so lonely
C C7 F Bb FI'll be sad and blue,Crying over you, dear only.
I would beg and steal Just to feel your heart Beatin' close to mine Well, if you ever go, Darling, I'll be oh so lonely Beggin' on my knees, All I ask is please, please love me Oh yeah Viva The King!
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