Its Only Love chords with lyrics by Elvis Presley - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Elvis Presley – Its Only Love chords

D GI see the sunlight in her hair
A7 DI feel the warm smile that she wears
GShe has no recipe for love
A7 DBut I just can't get enough
GFrom the distance of my mind
A7 DA clock that's ringing says it's time
GWake up to my destiny
A7 DIt's time to face reality
It's only love that I feel inside
G DBut I'll get by somehow
It's only love
G A7There must be something else for me girl
D GI tell myself that it's not real
A7 DThere's nothing left for me to feel
GI'll just be going on my way
A7 DTomorrow brings another day
It's only love only love that I feel inside
GBut I've got to be strong my mind's made up
DIt's only love but I know I'll get by
G A7 GTake my heart and my pride and just throw it aside
DIt's only love
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