Just Because chords with lyrics by Elvis Presley - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Elvis Presley – Just Because chords

Well, well, well, 

C/GJust because you think you're so pretty,
G7And just because your momma thinks you're hot,
Well, just because you think you've got something,
C/GThat no other girl has got.
You've caused me to spend all my money.
FYou laughed and called me old Santa Claus.
F7 C A7Well, I'm telling you, Baby, I'm through with you.
D7 G7 C Because, well, well, just because.
C/GWell, well, well,
There'll come a time when you'll be lonesome.
G7And there'll come a time when you'll be blue.
Well, there'll come a time when old Santa,
C/GHe won't pay all your bills for you.
You've caused me to lose all my women,
FAnd now, now you say we are through.
F7 C A7Well, I'm telling you Baby, I was through with you
D7 G7 C/GA long long time ago...Because, just because.
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