Elvis Presley – You Give Me A Mountains tab

You Gave Me A Mountain
By: Marty Robbins
Performed By: Elvis Presley

Tabbed by: Brandon Hogg (hogg1@ipa.net)


C Am F G Born in the heat of the desert My mother died giving me life. C Am F G Deprived of the love of a Father. Blamed for the loss of his wife. C Em F G You know Lord, I've been in a prison For something that I never done C Em F G It's been one hill after another But I've climbed them all one by one CHORUS: C F C Oh, But this time Lord you gave me A mountain F C FC C7 A mountain that I may never climb C F C C7 It isn't Lord a hill anylonger C F C You gave me a mountain this time 2nd Verse: same progression as 1st verse My Woman got tired of the heartache. Tired of the grief and the strife. So tired of working for nothing. Just Tired of being my wife. She took my one ray of sunshine. She took my pride and my joy. She took my reason for living. she took my small baby boy
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