Elvis Presley – Wild Ithe Country tab

Wild in the Country
Standard tuning.

G Ge||-----------3-----------------3--------||B||--------0-----0-----------0-----0-----||G||-----0-----------0-----0-----------0--||D||--------------------------------------||A||--------------------------------------||E||--3-----------------3-----------------||
C Ce||-----------0-----------------0--------||B||--------1-----1-----------1-----1-----||G||-----2-----------2-----2-----------2--||D||--------------------------------------||A||--3-----------------3-----------------||E||--------------------------------------||
D7 D7e||-----------2-----------------2--------||B||--------1-----1-----------1-----1-----||G||-----2-----------2-----2-----------2--|| And so on......D||--0-----------------0-----------------||A||--------------------------------------||E||--------------------------------------||
G C A rose grows wild in the country D7 G A tree grows tall as the sky G C The wind blows wild in the country D7 C D7 G And part of the wild, wild country, am I C Bm Am G Wild, wild, like the deer and the dove C Bm A7 D7 Wild and free is this land that I love A dream grows wild in the country A love grows tall as the sky A heart beats wild in the country And here with a dream in my heart Part of the wild, wild country, am I
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