Elvis Presley – Dont Cry Daddy tab

                            DON'T CRY DADDY

chords to play in- D, Dm7, C/D, F#, G, 
A, Em, A7, F#m

Moderately slow

INTRO: D, Dm7, G/D, D, C/D,
    D                                   F#
To_ day I stum-bled from_ my bed, with  thun-der crash-ing in_ my head, my
G                                         D      C/D          
pil-low still wet    from last night's tears.              And   as   I
                               F#                                      G
think of giv  -  ving  up,  a  voice in-side my cof  -  fee cup, kept  cry-
                                   C                     A
ing out     and ring-ing in   my   ears.__________________


Don't   cry    Dad-dy,_______             dad-dy, please don't
Em                   A                         G              
cry.______________                    dad-dy, you've still got me and lit-
                D                            G               D
tle tom-my, to-geth-er we'll  find   a  brand_  new mom-my.  Dad-dy, Dad-dy
                       A7                                           G  
please laugh  a-gain._ Dad-dy ride_ me on your back a-gain,_  oh,   Da    -
 Em  A7            D
 dy, please don't  cry.

 D, Dm7, G/D, D, C/D

2. Why are children always first
   To feel the pain and hurt the worst,
   It's true, but somehow it just dont seem right.
   'Cause ev'ry time i cry i know it hurts my little children so.
   I wonder will it be the same tonight.

please let me know if there is any mistakes.play over and have fun i hope u enjoy this 
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