Ely Joe – Highways & Heartaches tab


Date: 10/16/96; 2:13:00 PM
From: "Krall, Steve" 
Subject: Joe Ely:  Highways and Heartaches

Highways and Heartaches
Written and performed by Joe Ely
As appearing on the album, Love and Danger
Transcribed by Steve Krall (steve.krall@daytonoh.ncr.com)

This is a pretty simple song....the verses are primarily
one chord.  Listen to the album to understand what's going

Highways and Heartaches

Intro:  G  C  G

Verse 1:
Leaving California
She is on my mind
I left her back in Travis County
Crying to a clothesline

Steel guitar on the radio,
Cuttin' slow and mean
I brought home the bottle
She just wanted beans

G            C
Highways and heartaches
G                C
Go together like you and me
G           C
Do you ever think about it
G                 C
When the night is sad and lonely.

Verse 2:
I wonder if she's watching TV
Cryin' with soap opera stars
I wonder if she's seen it in me
Or if we've gone to far.

Look at all the lovers,
Runnin' from their past
Gassin' up just to get somewhere
But goin' nowhere fast


Do you ever think about it
When the night is sad and lonely

Verse 3:
Runnin' away don't stop the pain
It just delays the cryin'
What's left unsaid is better swallowed
Is covered up with lyin'

Though the song is over
I can still hear the steel guitar's
And though the past is gone for good
It still helps to swallow hard.

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