Elysion - Never Forever chords

E |-----------------------------------------------------|B |-------4-----------------4-------------------3-------|G |----------5---5-------------5---5--------------4---4-|D |---5--------5---------5--------5----------5------5---|A |-3---3-----------------------------------------------|E |---------------------4--4---------------3---3--------|
X2 X2 X2
Cm G#I'm standing alone in the rain
G CmFacing the fear within
G# GInside nothing but pain
C#m FmWhispering those words
GOnce again inside nothing but
G#Endless dark
C GmNever forever
G# D# BbSenses make the love crimes
C GmNever forever
G# D# Bb CBloody tears for a blind man
Never ending love becomes blaze Emotions rape my body Once again lies bleeding at your feet Inside nothing but endless dark Never forever Senses make the love crimes Never forever Bloody tears for a blind man http://www.myspace.com/elysionmyspace (Elysion Website).
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