Emanuel - Whiteflag tab

                           Whiteflag Intro

Artist: Emanuel
Album: Black Earth Tiger

Tabbed by: Alex Barrera
Email: alexishxc1337@aol.com

Tuning: Full Step Down + Drop C

Guitar 1: (Clean)D|--------0~-----------3~---|A|--------5~-----------5~---|F|------5-5~-----------5~---|C|----0--------------3------|G|--0--------------3--------|C|--0------------3----------|
Guitar 2: (Distorted)D|----------------3~---|A|----------------5~---|F|----------------5~---|C|--0---0-0~---3--3~---|G|--0---0-0~---3-------|C|--0---0-0~---3-------|
End On:e|------|B|------|G|------|D|-0~---|A|-0~---|E|-0~---|
Very simple song, great intro to an amazing album.
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