Emarosa - Utah chords version 1

song; utah
artist; Emarosa
tuning; Drop D
submitted by; jilmark I. factor
text me; 09122432418
ym, fs and fb; emorald_blight@yahoo.com

intro; D hold, D---;(2x) D-F,D-E,F-d/A/G,D/Bb/A;(2x) D---;(4x)
D-F,D-A;(2x) A-Bb-C-G-;
D Bb-CConsider this a picture perfect sweet sorrow.
DWhen you've never been wrong before.
Never been wrong before.
Bb CNever been wrong before.
(do chords; D-A-D-A-D-Bb-F-Bb-F/E;)As much as you wait, time wont wait for you.
As much as you wait, i wont wait for you. interlude; D--(D-F,D-E,F-D/A/G,D/Bb/A;2x)
Dm DLet me fight.(3x)
F E Dm-Dand pull away from you.
Dm-D-F-Efrom you.
chorus; 2x
(do chords; D-F,D-E,F-D/A/G,D/Bb/A;)You're always right.3x
DTime won't wait for you.
A-G-E/G,A,Bb,A C-G,E/G,C,D,C- ad lib; D-D/E/F,E/D/E D-Bb-F/G,E/E D-D/E/F,E/D/E D-Bb-F/G
DYou're always right.
Let me fight. You're always right. Let me fight. You're always right. Let me fight and pull away from you.
DThough I said, I would try for you.
DThis time tonight.(3x)
DI wont die
outro; Eb---;(2x) D--;(2x) D/Eb hold
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