Embrace – Save Me tab

artist - Embrace
title - Save Me
tabbed by quidsworth@yahoo.co.uk

this submission was done merely out of boredom and also the fact
that the whole 2 years ive been playing guitar ive looked for
the chords for this song so i decided to work it out my self
it was really difficult.........a whole 2 ..yes that "two" chords
the whole way through

here it is-

intro - E A
                    E             A
       well you can do it in your sleep
                 E          A
       then you worry for a week
                    E              A
       but with the magic up your sleeve
                         E         A
       everybodys falling at your feet
                         E         A
       everybodyS falling at your feet

verse 2 same chord

chorus    save me
          A                                   E
          save me from the lives i got in my mind
                      A                                   E
          cause its hard enough to see your godd on the inside
                    A                               E
          and the leaving when it works, hardest to time
                    A                                   E
          when your dealing in the dirt and healing the blind

after this its the same chords through 3rd verse and keyboard and
guitar solo basically thats it......fucking piss easy.......
just need someone to do the hard work and tab the dam fucking solo

anyway......hope this is smoe use to any of you embrace fans out there
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