Embrace – I Cant Come Down tab


cracking  song & very easy

start g  em  d  c g  d  c

when i lost you ,i played a part  i never really new

       g               em               d               c  

letting go was the best thing i could do
        g              d              c

before you turn that knife you,ll have to say you,ll cut me down
            g                em              d               c     
letting go is effortless now  you,ve found me out
        g        d        c                    d                            
i cant come down anymore, im here till you say it isn,t so,
 g       d    em      d                       c
im a fool
      g    d
i wanna know  why things you see up close enlarge then disappear
c        g      d                            c
      g  d
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