Emeli Sande – Daddy chords

Emeli Sande- Daddy. Not sure if this is right, did it by ear. Enjoy :)

EM D (Whole Verse)He's out your system yeah it too you a while
You got your family back and you got your smile And you promised your sister that you'd never go back again But friends keep telling you what he did last night How many girls he kissed how many he liked And you try to remember that there's no way you could ever be friends But now you're
EMYou're looking like you really like him like him
AMAnd now you're feeling like you miss him miss him
DYou're speaking like you really love him love him
GAnd now you're dancing like you need him need him
EMPut it in your pocket don't tell anyone I gave ya
AMIt can be the one you run to the one that saves ya
DIt can be your daddy daddy if you take it gladly gladly
DDaddy Daddy
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