Emeli Sande – Lifetime chords


                   Emeli Sande - Lifetime

Intro: E

E A E ADreaming only lasts until you wake up and you find you're not asleep
E A E ASilence only sticks around till someone in the room decides to speak
AAnd luck runs out and hearts go cold
E(4)We're only young until we're old
F#m EAnd summer leaves us wondering where it went
AThe friends you have can disappear
E(4)The whole world can change within a year
F#m E(4)And money only lasts until it's spent
B C#m F#m B But you, ...you
E AYou last a lifetime
E AYou last a lifetime
ETruth will change and time will fly
A E AThe party lasts until the wine is gone
E AThis time next week the radio will change its mind
C#m AAnd play a different song
BWe stay in touch till we forget
C#mAnd beauty fades the kiss will end
G#7 AAnd fame will love and leave you just as fast
BYou'll have it all until it's gone
C#mThe books get burnt and statues fall
G#7 ASometimes feels like nothing will ever last
A E(4) F#m B But you, ...you
C#m BYou last a lifetime
A BYou last a lifetime
C#m B AHey love can we dance together?
C#m B ASince I found you feels like time don't matter
C#m B AHey love now I feel much better
C#m B AYou've shown me forever
A E(4) F#m BSee you, ...you
C#m BYou last a lifetime
A BYou last a lifetime
Used chords: EADGBe E--------------022100 A--------------x02220 E(4)-----------476454 F#m------------244222 B--------------x24442 C#m------------x46654 G#7------------464544 Enjoy :)
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