Emerson Drive - Passionate Desperate Love tab

Intro: D  E  G  (x2)  Gm

D            D-G          C-D              D-G  C-D
You oughta be, a little more careful, baby,D D-G C-D D-G C-D
You know I'm dangerous, with my wild imagination. D G D G You better stop right now yeah you better ooh it's too late C That pink cottin candy, the sound of your voice, A Completly destoys me, i've got no choice. Chorus: D A Bm Yeah, (yeah) I'm comin' apart at the seams, F# G feelin' you pullin' my strings, A Bm Gm D E wakin' me up with a dream that's so real G D E With passionate, desparate G D E Passionate, desparate, G Gm G D (no D on 2nd chorus) Passionate, desparate lo----ve D D-G C-D D-G C-D
Your holding me, closer than a whisper, baby,D D-G C-D D-G C-D
Secretly, I love the way I drive me crazy, D G D G Wanna feel, gotta feel, your hands coolin' my skin. C I'm caught in the flames of my desire, A You pour on your kisses, they feed the fire. CHORUS Bm F# G Yeah, yeah, yeah, Bm F# G Yeah, yeah, yeah, Bm F# G A Yeah, yeah, ye--ah Bridge: D A Bm F# G I know I'm makin a scene but don't wake me up from this dream A Bm Gm I finally know what it means to feel CHORUS A = x02220 Bm = X24432(bar chord) or XX4432 C = x32010 D = xx0232 E = 022100 F# = 244322 G = 320003 Gm = 355333
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