Emery - What Makes A Man A Man tab

Thanks to the guys who tabbed this song before me. I gave it a few careful
listens and this is what I hear, I think it's closer to the real thing

Downtune your guitar half a step if you wanna play along the recording.

* Intro:

Take a look and see for yourself what makes a man a maneb|--2------0-------0----------0---0-------------0-----0--|Bb|--3------2-------2----------0---2-------------2-----2--|Gb|--4------4-------4----------0---4-------------3-----3--|Db|--4------4-------4----------2---4-------------5-----2--|Ab|--2------0-------x----------2---x-------------4-----1--|Eb|--x------x-------3----------0---3-------------x-----x--|
Then comes a short instrumental part with these chords:
* Verse: Wake up... D A2 G Bm A2 x2 As a gunshot... Em G Em G A * Chorus: It's just the same chords as the intro. And that's all you need, the whole song can be played with these chords. There are couple little parts that differ slightly, but I left those out cause they're pretty obvious once you know the chords Hope that helped!
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