Emery – Studying Politics Acoustic chords

There are already good tabs for this song, but I wanted to add some of the changes 
in the bridge that were missed.

[Verse 1]
BmIt's like a pencil with erasers at both ends
I want it all but we're dealing in percents
GAnd these activities that you have engaged in
This is the politics of seeing you dance with him
BmWe began with concluding remarks
Pick up the pieces and examine the parts
GYour words always cut when they're cliché
But here's my knife because I came for the buffet [Chorus]
BmThis is the way it goes
With you a part of it Nervously saying words That oh-so-tightly fit
GA mark beneath the chin (Uh Uh)
I've caught you once again
BmIt's in the way you sell every word and phrase
And leaving me to know how much the meaning weighs
GSaying that but meaning this (Uh Uh)
Using hands for emphasis
Bm G(Oh Ho)(Oh Ho)(Oh Ho)(Oh Ho)[repeat]
[Verse 2]
BmYou'd like to think that you're the best part of me
GBut I confess there is nothing left of you here (nothing left of you here)
BmThese parallels and silly games
Hide your face and say the name
GSay the name (say the name)
[Chorus] [Bridge]
Bm D Am Bm D Am There's that smile again
Bm D AmYou fake it and I follow you right in
Bm D AmWhat a fool I've been
To fall for it each time [Chorus 2x]
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