Eminem - Space Bound chords version 1

[Dm]We touch, I feel a rush, we clutch, it isnít much

But itís [F]enough to make me wonder whatís in store for us

Itís lust, itís [C]torturous, you must be a sorceress, cuz you just

Did the [G]impossible; gained my trust, donít play games itíll be dangerous

If you [Dm]fuck me over, cuz if I get burnt

Ima show you what itís like to [F]hurt

Cuz I been treated like dirt before ya

And love is [C]evil, spell it backwards Iíll show ya (EVOL)

Nobody [Dm]knows me, Iím cold, walk down this road all alone

Itís no oneís [F]fault but my own. itís the path Iíve chosen to go

Frozen as [C]snow, I show no emotion whatsoever so

Donít ask me [G]why I have love for these moífuckiní hoes

Blood suckiní [Dm]Succubus', what the fuck is up with this

Iíve tried in this [F]department but I ainít have no luck with this

It sucks, but itís [C]exactly what I thought it would be like tryna start over

I got a [G]hole in my heart, some kind of emotional roller coaster

Something I wonít go on so you toy with my emotions so itís over

Itís like an explosion, evertime I hold ya I wasnít joking when I told ya

You take my breath away, youíre a supernova, and ImmaÖ

And it just continues the same way throughout the chorus and other verses, Not too sure 
holding the G at the end, but i can't find anything else at this point that sounds better..
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