Eminem – Youre Never Over tab

Author/Artist: Eminem
Title: You're Never Over
Album: Recovery
Transcribed by: Redick4ulous

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

This is my first tab (that I've submitted here, at least),
so I didn't add anything flashy, but these are definitely the
right chords.  If you like you can play the A5 and the B5
on the 5th string if you think thats easier but I prefer to
play it on the 6th string to get more bass.  It does this
pattern throughout the entire song.

A5 G#5 B5 F#5e ------------------------------------------------------|B ------------------------------------------------------|G ------------------------------------------------------|D --7--------6--------9--------4------------------------|A --7--------6--------9--------4------------------------|E --5----5-7-4----4-5-7----7-9-2----2-4-----------------|
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