Eminem - Lose Yourself chords version 1

Lose Yourself - Eminem

Intro TAB:|--5--5-3--3-5---6-8-6---5---5-3--3-5----10--10-8--5-6-5---5-6-9--||---6----4----6--------8--6-----4----6----11-------------8--------||----7----5----7-----------7-----5----7----12---------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro Chords: Dm C Dm Dm C|----1-------0---------||----3-------1---------||----2-------0---------||----0-------2---------||----0-------3---------||------------3---------|
Chords: D D# C D D# C|----5-------6------3------||----7-------8------5------||----7-------8------5------||----7-------8------5------||----5-------6------3------||----5-------6------3------|
During The Song: How To Strum: To strum you play only the strings 6,5,4 and 3 but emphasize the strings 6,5 and 4. How To Strum: Strum down on the D chord eight times then strum down on the D# chord eight times then on the strum back up play the C chord once then go back to D.
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