Eminem – Lose Yourself tab ver. 2

I hope this is of any use... here it goes:

position Ae|--5--|B|--5--|G|--5--| __D|--7--| |__ only play this two strings (D & A)A|--5--| __|E|--5--|
position Be|--5--|B|--5--|G|--5--| __D|--5--| |__ only play this two strings (D & A)A|--5--| __|E|--5--|
position Ce|--5--|B|--5--|G|--5--| __D|--8--| |__ only play this two strings (D & A)A|--5--| __|E|--5--|
ok, now it's like this: after the intro do the positions above (playing the correct strings) in this order: B A A A B C C C and then repeat until the end About the chorus, hmmm... I couldn't figure it out... sorry dudes!!!
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