Eminem - Love You More tab

Hi, everyone!
This is just the way I do it. If anyone knows better how to perform this brilliant
masterpiece, please post it or just let me know: crystaltinkle@yahoo.com

With great respect,

Love You More

You still love me?
Take this [2 guns cock]
You ready? 1..2..3! [2 shots]

(throughout the song the guitar plays something like the following)

C#m A F#m7 F#m6 C#m C#m/f# F#m G#/ebe|4-------|--0-----|--------|--------|----4---|----4---|--------|--------|b|-------2|2-------|5-----5-|4-2-----|--5-5---|----5---|----2---|--------|g|--6----1/2-------|--2-----|-----2/4|--6-6---|----6---|----2---|--------|d|-------2|2-------|----4---|--------|6-----6-|4-6-----|2-4----7\6-------|a|4-------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|-------7\6-------|e|--------|--0-----|2-------|2-------|--------|--------|--------|--------|
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