Emma Roberts - Say Goodbye To Jrhigh tab

Song:Say Goodbye to Jr.High
Artist: Emma Roberts
Album:Unfabulous and more
Tabbed by:YA89

Hey, every1! Cool song,huh? 
I just figured out the chords, i'll submit a full tab later. enjoy...

Joey keeps a picture in her locket

likes to show it off to everyone 

Megan's got a summer job she started 

and you'll find me on the porch with my guitar

Gavin's got a secret he wont tell it 

and walking home from school he lost he's way

Kelly gets attention when she wants it

doesn't matter what she does or what she says

G       A    G      A
Hello love, hello life
G       (A)
Hello pain, 

                    A    D    A     D        G 
say goodbye to Jr. High

                    A    D    A     D        G  
Say goodbye to Jr. High

Crystal's got a party on the weekend 
and rumor has it Ryan broke it off
Rachel's on the cell phone with her boyfriend
guess your friendship isn't really what you thought 
Julie keeps a ring around her finger
and promises she'll never give it up
Amy wants a scholarship to collage
and for Amy yah the best is yet to come

Hello love, hello life
Hello pain, say goodbye to Jr. High
Say goodbye to Jr. High

Bm                    G     D D D  
Every time I see your face, oh 

Bm                          G     D D D
I remember the way we used to say, oh

G                   A
That we had a good time

G                   A        D
and now we'll have a good life...
Good life

G          A         G        A
So goodbye time, and goodbye friend

      G              A                      D
(when) I see you again will you remember my name

G           G        Bm 
Hey, hey, hey

Bm                            G
Every time I see your face you know I'll be missing you one day

D                            A
But we had a good time, we had a good time

Say goodbye to Jr. High
hey, hey
I'll see you again
Say goodbye to Jr. High
We had a good time

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