Emmy The Great - Hypotists Son tab

This is my first one of these but it was pretty easy so hopefully it's more or 
less right. Comment with any corrections emmy the great = complete genius in my 
mind...love this song

Capo on 3  :D

   You made me fall over
    C          G
Then I hit my head
Now I can't remember
C                    G
 Anything that you said
But I dreamed I was you
C                   G
 And I dreamed I was dead
                  Em              C
When I woke up, I carved your face
Into my bed
It's like I missed all the memos
       C           G
And I missed the boat
And a meteor shower
    C               G
Is heading for my throat
             Em     C
Bang, bang. Smack. Ouch.........

it just goes on like that me thinks :D
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