Emmy The Great - The Woods chords

Emmy the Great - The Woods

capo 2nd

G C December came faster than most
D G G/F#And before we knew it, it was cold
Em CAnd you turned to me
D G C GAs if to say that we should not have come this way
G G/F# Em C D GYou didn't ask a question, so I had no reply
G CAnd we came upon a congregation
D G G/F#And we turned our faces to the constellation
Em C D GSinging we are both believers now
G C GBut still there was no voice in the clouds
G G/F# Em You see, the stars are not our conscience
C D GThey are just another light in our eyes
EmIn our eyes
C D GThey are just another light keeping us blind
G C Long time I have left Umeah
D G G/F#Long time travelled in your company
Em C D GBut I see the road before us is split
G C GAnd I know that I should follow it
G G/F# EmBut I know that I will find you
C D GWhen the morning spreads it's breath across the night
EmFind you
C D GIn the morning at the end of my life
G D G G Em C D G
G CDecember's roads are long and they're tough
D G G/F#And sometimes I get really tired and stuck
Em C D GBut I keep the thought that when I die
C D GThey will carry me and lay me by your side
C D GThey will carry me and lay me by your side
EmAnd there amongst the dirt
C D GAt last our roads again will merge
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