Emmy The Great - Eastern Maria chords


Performed at The Nave, London, April 2011

Capo 3

C - x32010
G - 320003
Dm - xx0231
Am - x02210
B7 - x2x202
D7 - xx0212
G7 - 320001
E/B - x22100

Intro - C

C G C Oh, do you see her?
Dm G CQueen of the heavens on the move
Am B7Carried over oceans into India
Dm G AmSeduced by their gods and the heat and monsoons
Dm B7 DmHow well, how obediently they received her
D7 G G7But Maria, there's an elephant head in your womb
C G AmOh, they believe in her
Dm G CCarved her idol into rock
Am B7Over time, they married her to Shiva
Dm G AmOn their knees they begged her undrown their crops
Dm B7 DmOh Lady, Lady Dolorosa
D7 G G7Many armed, many nippled mother of God
C G AmSanta Maria
Dm G CSanta Lakshmi of the ponds
Am G CForgot where she came from
Dm G COut in Nirvana she was lost
Am B7Draped in rosaries of jasmine, broken veena
Dm G AmAdore, exalt at the foot of a cross
Dm C Dm Where she wept in ivory and silver till
D7 G G7Her child was reborn on a lotus pond
C G AmOh, do you see her?
Dm G CLost in her saffron-scented joy
Am G C E/BEastern Maria
Dm G CNursing a blue-skinned baby boy
See video at - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOMJhoJVJXA Tabbed by T. Barrie (shameandfortune)
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